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Our R&D

Our Expertise
Research, Training and Development
Bravo Scan is using its own in-house training program to keep its employees continuously up to date with current national and international standards and developments in legislation.
Bravo Scan is in the process of developing an inspection program that will comply with all legal and client requirements.
With 50 years of experience in this field, our management team saw the need for a cost effective locally developed program that is easy to setup and use which can be used as a standalone system or integrated in to SAP. Legal and technical people were utilised in its design to remove the concern out of compliance.

The aim with our own in-house program is:
To improve our client’s health and safety, and performance through legal compliance.
Bravo Scan enhances operational performance of our clients.

  • Our inspection protocol ensures operation stability and reliability that is cost competitive and effective, that is easy to maintain, but still highly effective.
  • Our inspection program ensures simplicity and compatibility that integrates smoothly with our client’s unique business environment, operational demands and already implemented programs and protocols.
  • Our inspection program will increase occupational safety and productivity while it reduces our client’s impact on the environment.
  • Our inspection program reduces bureaucracy which leads to lower expenses and thus to higher profitability.

Bavo Scan accelerates sustainable growth of our clients

Our inspection program is developed in accordance with IEC/SANS 60079 series of standards and implemented in accordance with the ISO 9000 guidelines.
Our inspection program allows for focused and less capital expenditure on maintenance, therefore more investment in business development and new business opportunities.
Our inspection program lowers our client’s risk associated with occupational health and safety.
Our inspection program aims to fulfil the zero harm statement.

Bravo Scan strengthens the relationship between stakeholders.

Our inspection program ensures legal compliance of our clients, which strengthens the relationship between our clients, government, unions and employees.
When fully implemented, our inspection program will insure complete legal compliance.
Our inspection program is tailor-made to our client’s specific needs and provides quality measurements and informative feedback.
Our Inspection Program effectively manages our client's risk assessments, operational, maintenance and legal liability through legal compliance.

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