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Who We Are

About Us
We started our operations in 1995 as an electrical construction company which specialised in the installation and maintenance of electrical and instrumentation equipment in hazardous areas. During early 2000's the demand for an independent inspection authority that specialises in the inspection of equipment in hazardous areas grew. To comply with section 4.3 Inspections of the  IEC/SANS 60079-17 code, we separated our inspection division from the construction division.

Section 4.3 Inspections of the  IEC/SANS 60079-17 code reads:
"The inspection activity shall be sufficiently independent of any immediate demands of maintenance and/or other activities so as not to prejudice the reliability of any report findings from the inspection.”
Through the years we worked in various hazardous environments, which includes, but is not limited to the following:
Agricultural - which includes various mills, silos, oil extraction and fertilizer plants and warehouses.
Mining - which includes coal, manganese, gold and diamond mines.
Petrochemical - which includes natural and synthetic petroleum plants, various refineries and depots, various polymer and explosives manufacturing plants as well as numerous warehouses.
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic - which includes manufacturing and warehousing.
With more than 50 years of combined experience in the electrical industry, our team evolved to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Our team are
  • Experienced Master Electricians,
  • Experienced Quality Assurance and Control Managers,
  • Qualified Inspectors,
  • Project Managers and
  • Legal Practitioners.

Legal Compliance
There is international concern about organisations and their legal compliance. During an international study conducted by Ernst & Young regarding business opportunities and risk it was found that legal compliance is the biggest risk for companies. This situation is not expected to change soon. Seeing the need, Bravo Scan positioned itself in the market to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.

We competently provide
  • Technical Services
  • Inspection Services
  • Quality Assurance and Control Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Legal Advice and
  • Training to our clients.

Our B-BBEE Ratings are
B-BBEE Status: Level 4
B-BBEE Production Level: 110%
Let's Talk
Bravo Scan
12 Lifestyle Centre,
Cnr Joe Slovo & Moore Streets,
Extension 22,

Lynette Coetzee: +27 66 444 7763
Koos Coetzee:   +27 82 884 6695
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